Best in Real Estate​ 2014

Client Testimonials:

"Keith provided excellent service and great advice.  We would recommend Keith Sakoda and Sakoda Realty, LLC to all our friends and family."

~Lianne T.

"The greatest compliment we can give Keith is a referral.  We have referred many of our friends and family to Keith and are confident that he will always give exceptional service!"

~Norman G. and Yevette T.

"Thank you, Keith!  You worked very hard in selling my home to people who will love it as much as I did.  You are one in a million!  Thank you so much!"

~Irene H.

"For over a decade Keith Sakoda has helped me buy and sell various homes several times over. I bought my first place when I was single and relied on his expertise ... Even when I was not in the market of buying or selling a home but he still kept in touch. Over the years of working with Keith, It started off with a $125K 1 bedroom leasehold condo and through several properties bought and sold over the years, it ended 2014 in us selling our home for 1 million dollars. What a journey. After years of buying and selling different properties with Keith, he was instrumental in us getting a lot more for the sale of our home than we had thought. Just as we have grown, Keith has grown as well. When we called him that we were read to put our house on the market. Keith is down the next day. He notices a cracked window as says, "Hey I will call my glass guy to fix that”... or "I will call my yard guy to come take care of that" or " I have movers that can put this in storage for you." It was quite obvious that he did not do all this by himself but had built up a network of loyal small businesses that are there for him when he needs them. The day before his sign went up, he had delivered several oversized vases for the front yard. His strategies for selling got us more than we expected. It is quite obvious over the years. His level of service, professionalism and expertise has magnified exponentially."
~David C.

Keith Sakoda deserves the Aloha'Aina award.

My job (and home) based in Cincinnati, Ohio requires me to work worldwide. A decision was made in 1999 that our eventual home base was to be Hawaii. Our search spanned over 10 years as my job requirements and our home requirements continually changed over time. 

Throughout, Keith patiently accompanied us through multiple viewings across Oahu. His broad experience, breadth of knowledge of the market and diversity of neighborhoods proved invaluable in arriving at our goal.

 As our search progressed and matured, Keith was instrumental in guiding us to a set of goals and requirements which ideally suited our needs. Once reaching this point and locating a suitable home, Keith then shifted from patient search support to skilled closer without missing a beat 45 days elapsed from locating the property to close. During this time, Keith maintained constant communication between Seller's and ourselves negotiating even the smallest details to establish the best possible outcome for us. 

Circumstances were challenging as my job required my presence in Japan full time which meant that the majority of our communications and document transmittals were made over the Internet. Trips to Hawaii were minimized and closely coordinated. Keith effortlessly accommodated these needs. 

There is no Realtor more deserving of this award than Keith Sakoda.
~Brian and Stella M.

I retained Keith on the advice of my late cousin, George, who wanted Keith to handle the sale of his house and property. After the initial meeting with Keith, I found him to be very friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable with the current real estate market trends. We initially had an offer in October/November of 2013, but, the buyer canceled unexpectedly with us. Keith and I met to plan our next strategy.  So about February, he re-listed the property, and we promptly had several offers come in. Keith kept me constantly informed on the progress of the offers until we decided on the buyer. During the negotiations with the buyer, Keith was very skilled at negotiating the best deal for the properly. He kept me informed on every step of the negotiations and gave sound advice based on his experience in selling similar properties. He worked very well with the buyer's agent and with the escrow company,

Although there was a slight delay in the closing. Keith was on top of things to make sure the process continued smoothly with no obstacles. The sale of the propel1y closed smoothly on May 30, 2014. 

Keith Sakoda is a very skilled and knowledgeable realtor. He always has a smile which shows me that he is a very positive person and lakes great pride in the work that he do. He is a "big asset to the realty association in Hawaii. I proudly nominate Keith Sakoda for the Aloha Aina Awards.
~Wayne S.

I am 76 years old and my husband is 81. We held a 6-unit apartment in Makiki for 35 years, When it came time to sell, we wanted to work with someone who would understand us and our concerns. With all the scams and scandals you hear about in the news, we wanted to make sure that everything would proceed smoothly, Keith Sakoda helped us do this,

He explained our options, whether we should indeed sell or not. And when we decided to sell. He handled everything for us, He was always there. He answered all of our questions in very simple, easy to understand language. He was careful to present alternatives, the Issues and risks. And when we received offers, he went through each line-by-line and then analyzed each offer for us, presenting the pros and cons of each.

In the end, we were very lucky. The transaction closed in 21 days.  There were no issues. Keith Sakoda demonstrated in-depth knowledge, high level of integrity, and objectivity.  It is tempting to think that this is the norm--we wouldn't know. But we do know, that we were very happy and satisfied clients. and we would recommend Keith to any of our friends, and therefore we have no hesitation to nominate him for the Aloha 'Aina Realtor Award,
~Miriam R. S.

Noteworthy experience - Keith kept us on track from offer to close, never missing deadlines and followed up with our
mortgage broker when loan process stagnated, Keith's experience enabled us to gather details of the neighborhood by knocking on doors and introducing us to residents who provided insights into the area early in the escrow process,

In-depth knowledge - When we encountered a snag in the loan approval process due to moisture seepage through a wall, Keith guided us through the process by obtaining a contractor's letter stating that there was no safety concern or future water infiltration issue which satisfied the lender requirements and ultimate approval of our loan, 

Integrity - Keith maintained high levels of integrity and professionalism throughout the process when dealing with minor irritating seller delays and schedule conflicts with seller agent. 

Objectivity - Because much of our transaction was handled remotely from the mainland, we relied heavily on Keith's objectivity and discovered during our 2 year long search that we could undoubtedly trust his judgment.  He never steered us wrong.

Negotiation skills - Keith negotiated a reasonable credit from the seller for issues discovered during the inspection phase, When our lender requested that the credit transaction be held outside escrow, Keith ensured that we received the credit due to us.
~Bob K.

As my realtor for a number of years, Keith Sakoda handled all the situations that arose. When there was a renter who stopped paying rent, Keith took care of the steps needed to move the person out of the house.

Keith Sakoda has a high level of integrity. He actually called me to say that one of the monthly rent checks he sent me had not been cashed. I had not noticed that I missed depositing a check. He quickly issued another check for me. I did not lose the rent.

On the sale of the house, he walked me through the steps and taught me what to do. He offered advice such as changing the carpet that brought the quick sale of the house on the market. He would call after there was Open House to inform me of the current situation or tell me the positive and negative comments of the people who came through the house. He often gave me the information/answers before I could ask the questions. He was even able to attract a purchase price that was more than the asking price.

Very personable and easy to work with, I felt I was in good hands and never worried about the outcome. I even asked Keith to help me with a temporary rental while I used the funds from the sale of the house to rebuild on another property. With his knowledge and experience, he could offer guidance and results.
~Caroline Y.